Join The Minnesota Traveler Family

I am bursting with excitement as we near the launch of The Minnesota Traveler! We have put a lot of hard work into creating and producing a show that is fun and informative. This show is packed with information about cool people, places and things. But more so, each episode is super entertaining.  As a viewer you get a sense of what the experience is really like and also the type of personalities you will meet on your own Minnesota adventures!

You will like this show because it will help you plan your next outing, day-trip or vacation. You will love this show because you will learn about the wonderful state of Minnesota and gain insights into the history, communities, attractions, subcultures and people that make Minnesota a *nice* place to travel!

The tremendous variety of experiences that we have captured and stories we tell means there truly is something for everyone on The Minnesota Traveler! From unique shops to athletic adventures to the symphony. From award-winning cuisine to birding on the prairie to amazing events. From driving fast machines to perusing historical sites to boating on one of the 10,000+ lakes. Each segment and episode captures the amazing Minnesotan diversity and fun to be had throughout the state!  We love telling those stories and I love being your host.

I have always been a Minnesota adventurer, frequently heading out on day-trips or long weekends to the types of places we feature on The Minnesota Traveler. Combining this love of Minnesota travel with my tourism industry background and my dream of television hosting, I really feel like the luckiest girl in the world! It is my goal to continually bring you valuable information in a show that you look forward to watching each week. And feel free to watch more than once a week since each episode will air at least three times each week on both FOX Sports North and Fox Sports Wisconsin. Plus you can stream the episodes over and over on our website!!  

I invite you not only to watch The Minnesota Traveler, but to become part of our family. Interact with us, tell us what you love, what you don't, the things you want to see. This show is for you and I am grateful to be a part of your adventure! 

I do hope you will join me, as we explore...beyond expectations, on The Minnesota Traveler!!

Your Host,