Inaugural Premiere Episode: Eagan


From Co-Executive Producer, Creator, and Showrunner John McCally


I am very excited that my vision for The Minnesota Traveler television series has come to life.  It has been a long time coming, but well worth the wait and hard work.  My business partner Randy Lee and I are thrilled to bring you this top-quality travel and tourism show exclusively about all the wonderful things to see and do and experience throughout the great state of Minnesota.

Both Randy and I grew up in Minnesota and are proud to call Rochester our hometown.  We both experienced a smaller town experience while attending Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter.  Both of us now live in different communities in the Twin Cities and have traveled all over Minnesota.  Those wonderful personal, family and business experiences made me want to create The Minnesota Traveler.  

Also, I am extremely happy to introduce you to the amazing host of The Minnesota Traveler, Jennifer Mergen.  Also a native Minnesotan, Jennifer is a fresh face to the television industry, but she has natural entertainment skills and has a wonderful enthusiasm to explore and try anything.  Additionally, Jennifer has a sincere love for Minnesota and is an expert traveler herself.  Thus she is the perfect host to give viewers outstanding insider information about the known and unknown in a very active, fun and Minnesota nice manner.   

Along with Jennifer, we have a great crew led by Forrest Fox as chief videographer and main editor.  Forrest is a talented production professional who has worked on numerous television shows across the country.  I am honored to work with Jennifer, Forrest and the other production associates.  We are an outstanding team and work together extremely well to make The Minnesota Traveler arguably one of the best travel and tourism shows anywhere in the world.  

At McCally-Lee Entertainment, we formulate imaginative ideas and produce innovative, dramatic and entertaining programming as is evidenced with our new television show The Minnesota Traveler.  So, please come watch The Minnesota Traveler and explore beyond expectations.  We have lots of stories from Minnesota’s best to share with you.  We thank all our content partners, sponsors and advertisers who made The Minnesota Traveler possible for you to view.