Thank You Content Partners and Sponsors!

As we are almost half way through the airing of our first original 13 episode(!), I want to take the time to thank all 23 of our outstanding content partners. Our content partners are a huge reason why we are able to produce this great show for you, our viewers. Different tourism bureaus throughout Minnesota invite us into their city to show our viewers all the amazing things their area has to offer. I personally have had a wonderful experience working with all the content partners so far. Thanks for all your fantastic support and help.

I also want to give a special shout out to the Minnesota Historical Society for being a main sponsor for season one. Did you know that since 1849 the Minnesota Historical Society has grown to become one of the largest and most prestigious historical societies in the country? They play an important role in our state's historic preservation, education and tourism, and provide the public with award-winning programs, exhibitions and events. You can find out more information on the Minnesota Historical Society here.  Additionally I want to thank Explore Minnesota Tourism for their great assistance as a series-long special contributor. The EMT website is full of great travel and tourism ideas. Click here to learn more about EMT. 

Thank you for everyone's continued support and let's continue to Explore...Beyond Expectations the rest of the season! 

John McCally 

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