Notice That Tiny Town!

The journey can be as much fun as the destination! And that is often the case on road trips to the communities we feature on The Minnesota Traveler. We pass through many towns and many attractions, restaurants and interesting places in nature that we hope to someday feature on The Minnesota Traveler.

Host Jennifer Mergen outside the "Country Store" in Felton, MN

Host Jennifer Mergen outside the "Country Store" in Felton, MN

 One of the small gems we passed through, Felton, with a cute “Country Store” set next to a little league baseball field, inspired the following list of some of my favorite TINY towns (so far)!

 These little towns are “pass through” towns for most people, but it doesn’t mean they don’t have something great to offer, if even for an hour or two!

 TAMARACK - On the lower edge of the Iron Range you’ll pass through tiny Tamarack! With a population of 94, you’ll find most of the residents at the local hole-in-the-wall (I say that with love & affection), Lucky’s Landing. This is the quintessential “dive bar” and just the type of place I like to stop for decent bar food & a glimpse of the locals while on a road trip!

 COLOGNE - Although Cologne is not as small as some towns and it is fairly close to the cities, I have to mention it as a great place to stop for a terrific burger (someday you’ll find a “top burgers” post on this page! I LOVE burgers!!!) Burkey’s Bar. Even during the middle of a weekday, this place has people around who represent the small town’s culture well!

 FARMING - I cannot leave my hometown off the list of favorite “blink & you miss ‘em” towns! This great village is home to a tremendous amateur baseball team (at the time of this post the Farming Flames are in first place in their league)! You won’t find much more in Farming, but there is a store - I’m not even sure if it has a real name, we’ve always called it Clarisse’s store. And of course, there is a bar, Trapper’s Pub & Grub, my favorite place to catch up with friends and family when I’m home, as well as hit up some of the most fun events throughout the year and really good food!

 Next time you’re headed on a great adventure, swing into that little town you’re passing through! There are so many great places hidden in the little towns we sometimes do not even see! 

Your Host, Jennifer Mergen