After The Cameras Stop Rolling - Edina

During episodes of The Minnesota Traveler you see a lot, but so much is left on the cutting room floor and at times there are things that cameras miss. Our Edina shoot had a couple of these moments and I want to share some more awesomeness that we encountered!

 Although not shown on camera, at Pinstripes I took Brent’s suggestion and dined on the Gnocchi & Ahi Tuna – ceviche tuna set atop a bed of arugula separating it from the gnocchi below - OH MY GOODNESS!!!! You have to try this! The contrast between the warm gnocchi and the cold ceviche brings an extra element of delight to a dish packed with perfectly contrasting flavors!

 I received a facial and haircut & color at Spalon Montage and I have to say, I have very rarely encountered such well-educated stylists and aestheticians who also respect the ownership and company at such a high level! This place blew my mind in terms of passion and precision to their craft!

 After the cameras stopped rolling at Arezzo Ristorante, the owner, Adam, surprised Shelly and I with the most phenomenal Fagottino Fondente, a chocolate soufflé with a heaven-on-earth, molten dark chocolate center, served with an equally delightful house-made vanilla ice cream. I was stuffed after the ridiculously delicious & rich Spaghetti Carbonara I had for dinner, but when something that good is in front of me, I can always find a little room!

Arezzo has a very romantic atmosphere. In fact, there is one table in particular in which many proposals have taken place! I was sure to sit in there for a bit in hopes of picking up some good mojo – no proposal needed, I’ll settle for a good date! 

Your Host, Jennifer 

Gnocchi & Ahi Tuna at Pinstripes

Gnocchi & Ahi Tuna at Pinstripes