- About McCally-Lee Entertainment -

Captivating Concepts.  Compelling Storytelling.  Great Visuals.  Real Emotion.  
Outstanding Talent.  Superior Production.  Synergistic Promotion.  Creative Culture.

These are the major hallmarks of McCally-Lee Entertainment.  We bring a fresh vision to television.  The McCally-Lee Entertainment (MLE) mission is to create unique content, remarkably compelling in every production aspect, resulting in tremendous emotional attachment with viewers.  We pride ourselves at producing the contemporary Wow Factor.  MLE plans extensively for short-term production excellence and long-term programming success. 

The visualization of the McCally-Lee Team extends beyond traditional broadcast networks and cable channels by creating high-quality content for television’s “third wave” of online programming and other non-traditional television media platforms. Additionally, MLE offers companies and their products a deeper relationship with programming via branded television shows and other branded entertainment-based vehicles.  These unique opportunities, known as Advertiser-Funded Programming (AFP), are complementary to the brand’s marketing strategy.   We are very connected at MLE…to our audiences, strategic partners, advertisers, clients, sponsors, associates and the communities we serve.